I grew up in Omaha, NE and started playing drums around 14 years old. My parents purchased my first drum kit, a bright red Pearl Export set. I fell in love with drums from this early point in my life. I took private lessons and eventually played in high school band, local rock bands, and jazz ensembles.
In college, I took music classes but decided to pursue a psychology degree and eventually earned a doctorate in psychology from Kansas State University. I moved to Lincoln after graduate school, where I took an academic job in psychology. I conducted research and taught psychology from 2006-2017.
I returned to drumming while I was in academics by joining the band, Release Time. We recorded 3 CDs and played locally for over 8 years. Eventually, I gave serious consideration to a musical career that involved playing and teaching drums. In the summer of 2018, I started my own private drum teaching business.
I truly love teaching. I have been in academic settings most of my life and feel very comfortable working with students. I enjoy setting goals for each student and developing a plan so they can achieve both short- and long-term abilities. I consistently draw from my psychology and drumming backgrounds to offer students a unique and creative music lesson. I expect students to work hard and develop consistent behaviors to improve their playing. Most importantly, I want students to learn drums to play MUSIC- either on their own or in organized bands.
I want to help drummers of all levels become better musicians. With personal attention, hard work, and inspiration I know all students can achieve great things!
Never Stop Learning!
August 2018
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